Application Programming Interface (API)

As further evidence of our programming strength in the transport industry, Omnix has made available three Application Programming Interfaces (API's) for use by our V6 customer base.

Programmed interfaces provide a vast array of benefits to our users, including:

  • providing real-time data by obtaining and displaying information as it happens.
  • reducing the barriers to data retrieval from legacy systems and between platforms.
  • API is also a cloud-based technology, so it can be maintained and updated without disrupting business operations.
  • It is fundamental to data analytics.
  • API costs less time and money to implement than custom interfaces.

These web services can enable different software to communicate with v6; provides a faster and more efficient exchange of electronic documents associated with bookings, manifests and invoices.

To view the Omnix API's, please see our website or liaise directly with Omnix support or our professional services for directions.

To view our API's, please click on the links below: